[b]Bold text[/b] - Bold text
[u]Underlined text[/u] - Underlined text
[i]Italic text[/i] - Italic text
[block] - Block a smiley from being parsed, e.g. :[block]D prints :D
URLs automatically change to links.

IRC Functions
!bar drinkname - *Knox gives user a drinkname
/me eats a cake - *user eats a cake
/names - Knox will list the people in the room
/away - Set your mode to 'away' so people know you're busy, or clear your 'away' mode if already away
/away message - Same as /away, but prints message as well (e.g. /away doing stuff will print * user is away (doing stuff))
/back - Clear your 'away' status so people know you're available
/topic topic - Change topic to topic
/hang word(s),guesses - Set the hangman word to word(s), with guesses guesses to get it right
/hang letter - Make a guess at the hangman word
/hang word(s) - Guess the entire solution
/hang - Display game status

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